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- Creative Direction
- Art direction
- Creative concept
- UX & UI Design


- Global Campaign Launch
- Film & Photography
- Human Product Stories
- Retail Experience
- Social Stories

Inspire your daily workout routine with stories told by real athletes. For adidas women’s bras and tights range we created narratives that resonate with seasonal workout questions based on SEO insights.

Each season has its opportunities. From studio workout sessions to using the outdoors as your playground.

 FW 2018


Keep your workouts fresh and never stop moving.

Real athletes speak about their creative source of inspiration and motivation and how they use the seasons to work for them. Interviews and workout sessions empower women all over the globe to stay connected with body and mind all year.

Stories to stay inspired through out the year.

“In June there is no better way to set yourself up for an awesome summer ahead than morning abs workouts. Dancer Min Thu from Berlin, shares how strength training has transformed her life.”

“Running can be an exhilarating challenge, but taking on a marathon is next level." 
Girls Run NYC founder and running coach Jessie Zapo takes you across the finish line in fall.

“Generate some heat in the cold and short days in winter with high intensity interval training in the gym. NYC boxing coach Julie “Jaws” Nelson tells us how it’s done. ”

Human Product Stories

The fit, feel and function of the products is shown through a human lens by using real workout environments. The combination of stills, videos and copy ensures the best creative storytelling for each of the consumer touchpoints.

Social Stories

These are just a few examples of the many instagram stories and posts made for the adidaswomen and athletes accounts.

In collaboration with Clubhouse.


Art Directors - Vincent Venema & Nadege Decastro
Copywriter - Charlotte Newbold
Designer - Jaimee Lowe
Producers - Rebecca Trembath & Bianca Medina Cundari

Athletes - Jessie Zapo, Minh Thu & Julie Nelson
Photographers - Lotte van Raalte & Jenna Saint Martin
Director of Photography - Jeremiah Pitman
Social Agency - Clubhouse

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