adidas Terrex Freehiker -
AR-Venture into the 90s



- Creative Direction


- Global Product Launch
- Website
- Social Stories
- Augmented Reality

For the launch of the special edition adventure pack, we wanted to create something that made it stand out in your instagram feed. To make this happen, we created an ‘interactive’ 90s influenced computer game where you could escape the digital noise.

 FW 2018

Tap, Tap, Tap

 By tapping through the different environments filled with noise, you leave the hectic city to slowly arrive in the quiet and serenity of the outdoors.

We created numerous versions for the adidas terrex instagram account to optimise the reach. By having variations in title cards, photography angles vs. 3d generated styles, models wearing the product vs. still photography.


Through the adidas app, you can view the shoe in augmented reality. Giving you the opportunity to see all the special details the adventure edition has to offer from upclose in the comfort of your own home.



Creative director - Vincent Venema
Art director - Carolina Cwiklinska
Motion & 3D - Jeff Beukema
Copywriter  - Jake Kedge
Designer - Gijs van Niftrik
Producer - Korinna Bognar
Sound - Antfood

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